Vinehall School

Day Weekly Boarding Full Boarding East Sussex

We foster a positive attitude to life, encouraging a ‘have-a-go’ attitude. We want our children to be happy, to develop a sense of self, to contribute to their community and also the wider world. At Vinehall, children will experience a broad range of subjects and activities and will come to know what they enjoy and what they are good at, at the same time as appreciating the strengths of others. We celebrate all kinds of success and children can reach outstandingly high standards in music, drama, art, sports and academic areas. At the same time, our ethos is inclusive. All children are expected to play in matches for the school and participate in plays and almost all learn at least one instrument. We hope that all children will pursue an area of special interest at school. As the children move through Vinehall, they become more independent in preparation for their next school and Vinehall is especially good at helping the children to organise their own learning. Boarding at the top end of the school is an important part of each child’s personal development and the children appreciate the great benefits of boarding, especially in encouraging social development.

Headmaster Richard Follett
Year Founded N/A
Religion N/A
Inspection Report
Charity Commission

Vinehall School has a total of 251 pupils.

123 Day Boys
(2- 13)
106 Day Girls
(2- 13)
15 Boarding Boys
(7- 13)
7 Boarding Girls
(7- 13)

About Vinehall School

At Vinehall we believe that every child is blessed with many talents and it is our purpose and duty to discover these talents and nurture them as best we can.Vinehall is a close, caring and busy community in which staff and parents are expected to work very much as a team, with the children as our central concern. We value all members of the school community, whatever their role, and welcome initiative and ideas for school improvement. We combine traditional teaching methods and high expectations with a forward-looking and flexible approach. The staff are dedicated professionals who seek to inspire. There is a school Chaplain and, while the ethos is grounded in Christianity, we welcome children of all faiths.


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