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St Margaret's Preparatory School

Day Wiltshire

St Margaret's is a thriving independent day school for boys and girls aged 3 -11, sharing a site with St Mary’s, Calne.  Our ethos is based on traditional values with an innovative approach, providing a happy environment for all children in a friendly, caring community.  Within this context, we hope that our pupils will learn the value of hard work and how to accept discipline and responsibility.   We aim to foster creativity and to help our children become independent learners.


Headmistress Karen Cordon
Year Founded N/A
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St Margaret's Preparatory School has a total of 220 pupils.

98 Day Boys
(3- 11)
122 Day Girls
(3- 11)

About St Margaret's Preparatory School

We have a happy, successful school where ‘teaching and learning’ is at the heart of all that goes on.  Our children demonstrate self awareness, the confidence to perform in front of an audience, tolerance and humility; attributes that are not easily quantified.

Children generally start life in the Kindergarten which offers a safe and stimulating nursery environment for 3 and 4 year old children. The focus is on nurturing and building the children’s confidence to make the move to one of the Reception classes the following year far less daunting.  Both classes are housed in light, bright and spacious classrooms, situated in a modern, purpose-built facility specifically designed for our youngest children.  The children benefit from dedicated and fully experienced Early Years teachers, who are supported by well qualified Teaching Assistants.

The curriculum comprises an extensive range of activities, designed to promote not only learning, but also personal growth and development.  This is enhanced by the extensive extra-curricular programme, planned to enrich every child’s experience whilst at the school; this includes the 'hidden curriculum' – what our children learn from the way they are treated and how they are expected to behave. 

Our ethos - ‘commit to excellence’ - provides a very positive focus for the entire school community.  We all have different talents but striving to be the best you can possibly be is what we aim to instil in everyone at St Margaret’s.  We expect good manners and consideration for the needs of others, but at the same time we want the children to be inspired, not be afraid to take risks and above all, have fun and enjoy learning!

The Year 6 children are thoroughly prepared for Common Entrance and Senior School 11+ examinations and the school has an impressive record of success in gaining entry to first choice schools as well as major scholarships to leading independent schools, both in academic areas, sport and in The Arts. 

We are a busy and vibrant school, where the happiness of the children is of paramount importance, because we believe that a happy, secure child is one who will learn, blossom, thrive and succeed.

Visitors are welcome throughout the year.  Please contactl Mrs Simone Hughes to make an appointment:  01249 857379 or email



Fees for Kindergarten vary due to the number of sessions attended and access to Free Entitlement Funding. 

Fees are paid termly in advance or by monthly direct debit. 

Sibling Discount :
St Margaret ’s offers a sibling discount scheme for all children once they commence their full-time education in the Reception class; discounts will be applied according to the rate of fees paid. Families with more than one child at St Margaret’s will be entitled to a 5% discount for the second eldest child. The third and subsequent children will be entitled to a fee reduction of 15%. Children are expected to complete their education at St Margaret’s at the end of the summer term in Year 6 and in this instance siblings will retain their existing discounts. However, if a child leaves prior to the end of Year 6, the discount will be re-calculated depending on the number of children attending the school.

School Fees & Notice of Withdrawal:
Fees are payable in advance. A term’s notice in writing, or payment of a term’s fees in lieu thereof, is required before a child is removed from the school. Similarly, a term’s notice is required before Music or Speech & Drama Lessons are discontinued. No reduction can be made for temporary absence through illness or any other cause, but an insurance scheme is available which provides rebate of fees in case of illness or absence due to quarantine. Please note, fees are subject to variation.

Scholarships & Bursaries

St Margaret's is delighted to be able to offer means-tested Community Bursaries for local children.  Our intention is to extend our education opportunities to the wider community and to those children who show academic promise and demonstrate competency in the high-ability range, but whose families have limited financial means. 

As children will be required to successfully complete a range of assessments which measure underlying skills, English and Maths, we believe that the Bursaries should apply to children either entering, or currently in, Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) in the year of the award. Each application will be means-tested and individually assessed based on specific criteria. 

Additionally, we are also delighted to offer means-tested Bursaries of up to 20% fee reduction for British Armed Forces Personnel (or Reservists on full-time duties) with children in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and above). 

Community or Armed Forces funding may be applied for at any time of the year and the Bursary would commence from the term following the confirmation of funding.  Please be aware that St Margaret's funding is allocated from the start of an academic year, and therefore there may not be sufficient funding available to support applications later in the year.
We ask that families interested in applying for a Community Bursary or an Armed Forces Bursary complete a 'Statement of Financial Circumstances' form to support their application for a Bursary Award. This helps us to determine eligibility and the level of potential funding.

Admissions Process

Parents wishing to pursue a place at St Margaret’s (subject to the school being able to cater for any necessary educational, physical or emotional needs of the child) are asked to make an Application for Vacancy. The application form and appropriate fee (£75.00) should then be returned to the Marketing & Admissions Manager, Mrs Simone Hughes, who will place the child’s name on the class list for entry in the correct year. If all spaces are taken within a particular age group, the child’s name will be placed on a waiting list. Parents who submit an Application for Vacancy will be advised, by return, as to whether they have place on the admissions register or a waiting list place.

Admission for all children is based on the date of registration. Unfortunately, St Margaret’s is not able to hold places open indefinitely. Therefore, in year groups which are reaching capacity, we cannot hold a place open for more than one term. Places for registrations which are more than one term in advance of the required year of entry or deferred registrations, will be subject to availability.

Alternatively, if you wish to hold a place in advance of one term (subject to the conditions of the admissions process, see below), we ask parents to confirm their child’s conditional place (£500.00 acceptance fee) and pay 50% of the termly fee at the prevailing rate from the time they wish to hold the place. Parents registering their children for Kindergarten or Reception classes may apply more than one year in advance.

We contact all prospective parents who have registered their children approximately two terms prior to the anticipated joining date.  At this point, they are asked to make a firm commitment by a given date, as to whether or not they wish to accept a conditional place for their child. If they wish to proceed they are required to make a financial commitment and we ask for a £500.00 acceptance fee.  This fee is offset against the final term's fees provided the child remains at the school until the end of Year 6 (if a child leaves prior to Year 6, the fee is non-refundable).  Places which are not taken up at this time will then be made available to children on the waiting list.  

The final offer of a place is conditional upon the child attending Taster Days at St Margaret's.  Older children (entering Year 3 and above) are also asked to sit a skills assessment and to meet the Headmistress (please see below).
If parents wish to defer the start date of a confirmed place, they will be asked to pay 50% of the annual fees at the prevailing rate for that year group to guarantee a place in the year group the following year.  St Margaret’s are not able to defer a place for more than one academic year.  This payment is non-refundable

Taster Days & Assessment:
As part of the entry process, children will be invited to attend Taster Days.  The Taster Days provide an opportunity for
St Margaret’s to assess and evaluate each child and to also make sure that the child is happy at the school. 

Children entering Kindergarten – taster session (half day or full day)

Children entering Reception - one taster day, latest Learning Journey

Children entering Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) - two consecutive taster days, latest Learning Journey and/or school report

Children entering Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and above ) – two consecutive taster days, skills assessment, meet the Headmistress, latest school report and levelling/SATs results, current English, Maths and Science books.



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